Dr. Theresa Tam  ̶  Foreword for Canadian Excellence, Global Recognition

It is my honour to recognize outstanding Canadian researchers who exemplify leadership in action. These talented members of Canada’s research community inspire us all to think critically, creatively and with resolve.

Researchers in all fields contribute tremendously to improving the lives of people in Canada and everywhere, including by supporting resilient, healthy and safe communities. The excellence and diversity of research being recognized in this year’s publication is extraordinary.

The importance of research and discovery to address our world’s most complex and pressing challenges cannot be overstated. At the forefront of knowledge generation, Canada’s academic and research communities help inform decisions, approaches and actions that have real-world impacts.

Despite the challenges that Canada and the global community continue to experience with COVID-19, we are seeing unprecedented research development, collaboration, innovation and advancements within and across academic and research disciplines  ̶  from the sciences and mathematics, to the arts and cultural studies, and beyond.

Throughout the pandemic, I have seen first-hand how researchers are mobilizing to advance knowledge, making sense of rapidly evolving evidence and communicating complex science in a way that resonates with the general public.

Looking forward, it is critical to build on this momentum and leverage our country’s best and brightest. We can start by celebrating Canada’s research excellence, supporting and funding Canadian researchers, and encouraging more opportunities to bridge the gap between knowledge generation, policy and practice. In this way, we can build up our future research capacity, and ultimately, contribute to a stronger and healthier society.

A heart-felt congratulations to the 2021 award winners on your success! Your dedication and drive has pushed the frontiers of research in Canada  ̶  highlighting our country’s great research capacity and inspiring the next generation of Canadian researchers.

– Dr. Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

Universities Canada