While Scholarship Partners Canada does remove the administrative burden tied to activities of a scholarship program, we may ask a program sponsor to participate in the following:

  • Establish the program objectives with Scholarship Partners Canada’s assistance
  • Approve and review the design of the program and guidelines
  • Confirm the eligibility of applicants, if required
  • Authorize Scholarship Partners Canada to release selection results
  • Forward program funds to Scholarship Partners Canada prior to payment of awards
  • Respond to the communication of the annual program review, and approving the launch of the program by an established launch date
  • Promote the scholarship program

Scholarship funds have been a great blessing to me. I’ve been able to focus on my environmental engineering program, to be engaged in exciting extracurriculars on campus and to spend time with aging grandparents, not being burdened by an extra job. I have also pursued bigger dreams, including volunteering with a camp for impoverished children in St. Lucia.

I cannot thank the generous donors of these scholarship funds enough! Thank you!

Universities Canada