If your scholarship program includes a competitive process, Scholarship Partners Canada will manage a selection process in a manner which is cost-efficient, fair, transparent and defensible. It includes the preparation of all eligible and complete files for adjudication by a selection committee. Committee members  meet to review applications and identify the appropriate number of award recipients.

Scholarship Partners Canada is held in high esteem for its ability to bring together specialists to participate in the selection process for scholarship programs. We draw committee members from a pool of university and/or college representatives of financial aid, registrar and admission offices, as well as academics knowledgeable in admissions and scholarship requirements. When required, we include experts in a specific field to participate in a committee.

All adjudication processes (competitive and non-competitive) are designed to select deserving candidate(s) based on the scholarship program goals, objectives and selection criteria, while respecting the high standards of transparency and fairness established by Scholarship Partners Canada.

I served in the Office of Awards and Financial Aid for 21 years and on the Scholarship Partners Canada Selection Committee for 13 years. The members of the Scholarship Partners Canada scholarship selection committees are experts in evaluating their submissions to award competitions.

This in-depth experience is crucial in the process of “reading between the lines” of students’ essays and letters of reference in order to come to a well thought out and defensible decision as to which individuals have demonstrated superior school/community contributions in addition to great academic performance.

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