Scholarship Partners Canada will work with your team to design your scholarship program, establishing the key elements including:

  • The objective of the program
  • The number of awards you will offer
  • The duration of the award (single year or multi-year)
  • Any selection criteria such as academic achievement, community service, fields of study, etc.

From this process, we will develop the program guidelines, online application form and other relevant documentation. Universities Canada will provide you with ideas for promoting your program within your organization or to the public and assist your team in successfully launching your program.

We assign an experienced and dedicated program officer as your main contact to oversee the launch and ongoing administration of your award program. Each program officer has access to the administrative support of program assistants who process files and respond to information requests from interested individuals.

By working with Universities Canada, we have gained access to a team of experts in the field of scholarship management. They add an extra layer of credibility and transparency to the scholarship process. We have no doubt that with their unmatched credentials and over 50 years of experience, we have made the right choice in selecting Scholarship Partners Canada as our scholarship program administrator.

Universities Canada