Scholarship Partners Canada provides a financial management component to your scholarship program. Sponsors have the option of distributing the funds either directly to the student or through Scholarship Partners Canada’s payment distribution channels established with universities, colleges and trade schools in Canada and the US.

Program sponsors have confidence in Scholarship Partners Canada’s financial management services as they are supported by strong financial controls and management practices. Our Program Sponsor portal provides accurate and up-to-date financial information about your scholarship program.

All funds received from the sponsor and disbursed to award holders are recorded in both the scholarship management system as well as in Universities Canada’s corporate financial system.

Annually, a program financial statement will be provided, along with detailed reports of transactions at the award holder and program level. An invoice for administrative fees incurred for each scholarship year will be sent to the sponsor on an annual basis.

Each February, Scholarship Partners Canada will prepare T4As for all students whose institution does not provide the tax form for external scholarships.

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