Getting started

Organizations who work with Scholarship Partners Canada – Canada’s recognized leader in scholarship management – have learned that we offer an unmatched wealth of unique expertise. Drawing on over 60 years of experience, Scholarship Partners Canada can assist with everything from the overall program vision to the smallest of details.

We can help to remove the administrative burden of your scholarship program and streamline efficiencies throughout the scholarship process. Here are the answers to the top questions we’ve received about the administration of a new or existing scholarship program.


How much preparation time is required?

Starting or rejuvenating a scholarship program with Scholarship Partners Canada could require as little as four months.

What criteria should be used to award scholarships?

That depends on your program objectives. These can vary from building corporate social responsibility, to increasing access to postsecondary education, to providing an exceptional family-friendly employee benefit. We can design programs to:

  • Recognize employee or dependent merit
  • Help boost employee morale and retention
  • Help improve access to education for an under-represented group
  • Bolster and diversify a strong employee recruitment plan
  • Meet your vision and corporate social responsibility strategy

Do I have to cancel my existing program to work with Scholarship Partners Canada?

Absolutely not. Scholarship Partners Canada applies the same depth of expertise to help organizations start from scratch or enhance programs currently in operation.

What kind of start-up budget will be needed?

Although the size of the budget depends entirely on program scope, applicant volume, promotional methods and other factors, you should note that scholarship programs offer a rich return on investment in goodwill and positive branding within the community. Talk to a Scholarship Partners Canada representative for details.

What would be my organization’s ongoing responsibilities?

This will depend on your desired level of involvement. However, minimum responsibilities include approving the list of award winners, promoting your program, and providing the funds for scholarships.

What are the advantages of working with Scholarship Partners Canada?

  • Our Scholarship Sponsor Portal allows you real-time access to your program statistics such as the number of applications and scholarship fund balance.
  • Our comprehensive approach means we can virtually eliminate your administrative burden, letting you focus resources on your core business.
  • Our seasoned expertise ensures an impartial and fair selection process and program continuity and reliability.
  • Our Student Portal allows students to apply, check the status of their documents or payments, as well as review and action any additional tasks assigned by our team.
  • Personalized service including experienced program assistants, a dedicated program officer, and support from our specialized IT and Finance groups.
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