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As Canada’s experts in higher education, we bring an unmatched track record and 60 years of experience in scholarship program management.

Scholarship Partners Canada offers incomparable end-to-end scholarship services and is considered the leading Canadian service provider in the field of scholarship management.

Find out how Scholarship Partners Canada can provide guidance in the development, administration and maintenance of a scholarship program on your behalf.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Your role

As program sponsor, you’re in charge of how involved you are in the management of your scholarship program.

Sponsors are required to:

  • Work with us to establish program objectives
  • Approve the design
  • Communicate with us during your program’s review
  • Promote your scholarship

By working with Universities Canada, we have gained access to a team of experts in the field of scholarship management. They add an extra layer of credibility and transparency to the scholarship process.

Our impact

We specialize in managing scholarship programs that promote strong, sustainable and inclusive communities. We can help you develop a program that:

  • Makes education more accessible to equity-deserving communities
  • Supports future leaders and innovators
  • Supports a sustainable future
  • Promotes equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Deepens your company’s and employees’ connection to the community
  • Champions fields of study aligned with your organizational goals
  • 46,000+
    More than 46,000 students expressed interest
  • $24.5M+
    amount distributed by Scholarship Partners Canada every year
  • 7,700+
    More than 7,700 students awarded scholarships
  • 140+
    number of programs administered each year

Our clients include

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