Research benefits for students and community

June 18, 2015
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Text on screen: [Universities Canada logo]

Text on screen: [In conversation with Richard Florizone President Dalhousie University]

Text on screen: [Research benefits for students and communities]

Richard Florizone, president, Dalhousie University

We all believe in that importance of having an active scholar and a researcher in the classroom so that magic that happens when individuals are learning from real researchers who are pushing the frontiers.

I think that is at the heart of the life of a university and I think that’s what we believe in universities, that synergy between discovery and learning. It’s all about trying to create that richer student experience, not just connecting them to research but connecting them to the community as well.

Text on screen:  [Universities Canada. The voice of Canada’s Universities ]

Research-driven studies at Canada’s universities fuel global aspirations and local economies, says Dalhousie University president Richard Florizone.

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