University intellectual property and technology transfer: submission

June 15, 2017
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Universities Canada’s submission to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology

June 2017

Technology transfer and commercialization are some of the important ways that universities enhance Canada’s economic growth and innovation.

The process through which the benefits of university teaching and research are actively spread to society is known as “knowledge mobilization” and includes not only generating new patents and licensing revenue but, equally as important, developing highly qualified personnel through talented graduates; open access publications; new public research datasets and data trials; the creation of high tech start-ups; and providing new technologies and research-based solutions to small and large businesses.

Canada’s universities offer over 275 entrepreneurship courses, programs, centres and other entrepreneurial activities. It is through these diverse means of knowledge mobilization that universities serve as anchor institutions in Canada’s innovative future.

Universities Canada’s recommendations on how best to leverage university knowledge mobilization:

  • Urgently invest in Canada’s fundamental research system as highlighted in the Fundamental Science Review Panel report
  • Maintain a flexible intellectual property policy ecosystem for our universities
  • Establish funding programs dedicated to technology and knowledge transfer activities at Canadian universities
  • Create a national intellectual property concierge service with specific tools and initiatives that promote university technology and knowledge mobilization

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