Quick facts: Back to school 2018

July 31, 2018
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Smiling female student in front of hillside village in Bhutan.

The 1.7 million students heading to Canadian university campuses this fall will benefit from innovations in teaching and learning as well as entrepreneurship, research and cross-border opportunities – all designed to equip them to adapt to, and succeed in, our rapidly changing global knowledge economy.

Universities nurture the curiosity, resourcefulness and resilience that build a mindset for lifelong learning.

This publication highlights facts and stats on:

  • Preparing for a disrupted labour market
  • Adapting to the new lifelong learning reality
  • Focusing on hands-on learning
  • Going global
  • Helping Indigenous youth achieve their potential
  • Preparing business leaders

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Tagged:  Co-ops and internships, Global connections, Indigenous education, Study abroad

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