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June 9, 2012
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Cocoa plant farmer, microscopic view of bacteria and a lemur.

Highlights from the Canada-Africa Research Exchange Grants (CAREG) pilot program (2010–2012).

The eight projects highlighted include:

  • Fighting loss of water and sedimentation in Algeria
  • Developing new biocontrols to fight brown rot in cocoa plants in Cameroon
  • Exploring at producing affordable biodiesals in Ghana
  • Enhancing maternal child health in Kenya
  • Protecting biodiversity against climate change in Madagascar
  • Sharing knowledge of climate change among farmers in Ghana
  • Pursuing jatropha oil as a sustainable biofuel in Mali
  • Transforming lignocellulose materials into biodegradable packaging in Morocco

The aim of the program is to strengthen international partnerships and bring together emerging networks among academic researchers from Canada and Africa.

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