Canada’s 2019 winners of major international research awards

January 23, 2020
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Canadian Excellence Global Recognition

Canadian excellence, global recognition: Canada’s 2019 winners of major international research awards profiles the innovative work of Canadian researchers.

At a time of rapid social and technological change, Canadian researchers, artists and innovators are tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges and intriguing questions. 

The 14 award winners profiled in this publication show the breadth of Canadian talent garnering recognition at home and abroad. While their subject matter is wide-ranging – from exploring brain circuitry through the retina, to studying the first-ever images of a black hole, to shedding new light on real-world socio-political challenges through literature they have all played an important role in advancing our collective knowledge and connecting Canada with the world. 

We are proud to celebrate the tremendous achievements of this year’s winners. May they inspire this and future generations on their quest for greater knowledge and connection with the world around them. 

Learn more about the many recipients of major international research awards >> 

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