Canada’s 2017 winners of international research awards

February 9, 2018
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Canadian excellence, Global recognition: Canada

Canadian excellence, Global recognition: Canada’s 2017 winners of major international research awards profiles the innovative work of Canadian researchers.

This is Canada’s global moment. And talented researchers across the country are seizing the moment by advancing new knowledge and generating discoveries that drive innovation and improve quality of life at home and abroad.

Our researchers collaborate with scientists from around the world in the race to find solutions to the world’s urgent challenges. In doing so, they strengthen Canada’s international reputation for world-leading research.
Canada’s top researchers also mentor and train the next generation of researchers – including the Nobel Prize winners of tomorrow – in a diverse and inter-disciplinary research ecosystem.

This publication celebrates the achievements of 12 top Canadian researchers, all winners of prestigious international research awards and fellowships in 2017. Their fields of research range broadly but they all share exceptional creativity, curiosity, drive and passion.

The 2017 laureates’ success demonstrates the value and impact of investments in fundamental research. They exemplify that bold ideas translate into big breakthroughs and better solutions. And they are helping build a better world.

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