Canada’s 2016 winners of major international research awards

March 6, 2017
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Canada’s 2016 winners of major international research awards

Canadian excellence, Global recognition: Celebrating Canada’s 2016 winners of major international research awards showcases the innovative work of Canadian researchers.

This is Canada’s big year. It’s a time for Canadians to reflect on our heritage, our successes, our identity and our place in the world. As the country celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017 and sets its sights on the next 50 years, we can take pride in the remarkable achievements made by Canadian scientists, scholars, artists and humanitarians over the past year.

It is essential to recognize their incredible work, unparalleled dedication and impressive accomplishments. Not only do they exemplify Canada’s extraordinary talent, but they advance our understanding of the world, strengthen Canada’s reputation as home to world-leading research, and help foster a country that is a key player in bettering society.

Twelve outstanding Canadian researchers are profiled in this booklet, all winners of prestigious international research awards and fellowships in 2016. Although their fields of research range broadly from the fine arts to physics, each possesses key characteristics that have driven them throughout their journey to success: curiosity, creativity, tenacity and passion. Together, these scholars are tackling — and solving — challenges in science and engineering, health and medicine, and the social sciences and humanities.

Their contributions will help shape our country, and our world, to 2067 and beyond.

Learn more about the many recipients of major international research awards >> 

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