What is Global Skills Opportunity?

November 16, 2021
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Over the next four years, thousands of Canadian students will have transformative international experiences as they take part in the Global Skills Opportunity program.

The $95 million Global Skills Opportunity program, officially launched on November 3, will give Canadian college and undergraduate-level university students the chance to study, work or conduct research abroad. The program places an emphasis on providing global opportunities to students from underrepresented groups—specifically students with disabilities, Indigenous students and those from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds—who have not traditionally been able to participate in such programs due to financial, logistical or other barriers.

What kinds of opportunities are available?

Opportunities look different on every campus, as each participating postsecondary institution designs, manages and runs their projects to best meet their students’ needs.

The program features short, medium and long-term placements in many non-traditional destinations, in other words, countries other than Australia, France, the U.S. and the U.K.  Virtual mobility experiences are also offered by some schools, allowing students who may not be able to travel internationally to interact with peers and organizations abroad while remaining in Canada.

After undergoing a rigorous selection process in summer 2021, Global Skills Opportunity is funding 124 projects at 56 universities and 54 colleges across the country. Some examples include:

  • Studying health and aging in Scandinavia (Western University)
  • Learning about sustainable living across the globe (University of Alberta)
  • Participating in internships with NGOs in countries such as Kenya, Mexico and Nepal (University of the Fraser Valley)
  • Learning at international business schools across 22 countries and four continents (Brock University)

For the full list of opportunities, visit globalskillsopportunity.ca.

Why go abroad?

Working and studying abroad provides Canadians with the unique opportunity to gain new experiences, skills, connections and knowledge.

This national program is expected to provide more than 24,000 Canadian college and undergraduate-level university students with invaluable international experiences, allowing them to bring back the global skills employers want and the Canadian economy needs.

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