Universities welcome new international education strategy

January 27, 2014
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OTTAWA — Canada’s universities welcome the federal government’s new International Education Strategy (IES), announced today at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone. This is Canada’s first comprehensive international education strategy, designed to strengthen the country’s international reputation for excellence in higher education and research.

“Today’s announcement is an important advance in branding Canada as a destination of choice for top students and researchers around the world,” said Paul Davidson, president of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. “International education and research partnerships build prosperity in communities across the country and strengthen Canada’s global connections for trade, innovation and diplomacy. Having students from around the world on Canadian university campuses enriches the educational experience of all students, as they bring  unique perspectives, languages and cultures to the learning environment.”

The new strategy reflects the vision and many of the recommendations made by the Advisory Panel on Canada’s International Education Strategy, chaired by Amit Chakma, president of Western University. Dr. Chakma was joined on the panel by Dr. Colin Dodds of Saint Mary’s University and a member of AUCC’s Board of Directors. AUCC and its members played a significant role in providing input to the federal government to encourage the panel’s broad vision for international education.

The IES – a key component of Canada’s recently announced Global Markets Action Plan – aims to double the number of international students in Canada to more than 450,000 by 2022. It lays out a blueprint for enhancing Canada’s education brand abroad, particularly in six priority markets: Brazil, India, China, Vietnam, Mexico and North Africa /the Middle East, including Turkey.

The IES also supports study abroad for Canadians, to ensure our graduates have the knowledge and skills to achieve their potential in a globalized economy.

Canada’s universities support the goals of the IES and look forward to continued collaboration with the federal government and other partners to achieve them.


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