Universities Canada launches climate initiative

April 26, 2023
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TORONTO—Universities Canada unveiled its climate initiative, Canada’s universities: Action for net zero, at its annual spring membership meeting Wednesday.

Canada’s universities play a leading role in fighting climate change, by educating the next generation of climate leaders, broadening our understanding of climate change and its impacts, developing sustainable technologies and implementing climate-friendly measures on campus. This new initiative, organized by Universities Canada, will unite Canadian universities in a coordinated effort to mitigate and address the impact of climate change.

“Our institutions are deeply engaged in our communities, partnering with government, businesses and civil society to tackle the massive challenges posed by the climate emergency,” said Meric Gertler, chair of Universities Canada. “We are finding ways to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, enabling people and communities to develop greater climate resiliency, and helping to lay the foundations of a sustainable economy. Through the Action for net zero initiative, I believe Canada’s universities can maximize our impact in addressing this most urgent global priority.”

The initiative will see universities collaborate locally, nationally and internationally to align efforts and share strategies to address gaps, share resources and best practices to address climate change.

The initiative will also lead several activities, including launching a nationwide survey to help measure and track universities’ greenhouse gas emissions and targets, hosting virtual member workshops to discuss challenges and opportunities for collaboration, as well as pursuing new investments in universities’ capacity to address climate change (i.e. research and infrastructure supports).

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Universities Canada is the voice of Canada’s universities at home and abroad, advancing higher education, research and innovation for the benefit of all Canadians.

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