The Coalition for a Better Future: The importance of cross-sectoral collaboration

March 1, 2022
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On the second day of Accelerate 2022, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Honourable Lisa Raitt and the Honourable Anne McLellan to join us to talk about the Coalition for a Better Future, and the change the organization wants to push towards a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous Canada.

The recovery of Canada

Raitt and McLellan discussed the impact of the pandemic on all sectors and highlighted the importance of working together for social and economic recovery.

Universities Canada president, Paul Davidson, touched on the early days of the pandemic and the support that came from every sector, including from Canadian postsecondary institutions who moved 1.4 million learners online in a matter of days.

“You can see universities acting as both stabilizers and catalysts in communities across the country.” – Paul Davidson

The importance of diversity

The Coalition is made up of different leaders and organizations that collaborate on the shared vision of Canada’s social and economic future.

The Coalition represents a diverse community of business leaders, community and civic organizations, social policy advocates, youth, Indigenous groups, environmental NGOs and concerned citizens. Universities Canada is a proud member.

Moving forward in the pandemic

Leaders across the country agree that the biggest challenge facing Canadian businesses is talent.

“Talent acquisition and retention is going to be key going forward.” – The Hon. Anne McLellan

McLellan outlined how postsecondary institutions play a key role in cultivating talent when working in partnership across sectors, which will impact the future workforce.

Addressing future solutions

Raitt emphasized how a skilled workforce is needed to achieve swift progress and economic growth in the future. Investments in training and education is thereby crucial to setting Canada up for success.

Raitt and McLellan emphasized the importance of collaboration across sectors, businesses and leaders in order to gain economic and social growth in the future.

Learn more about Accelerate 2022.

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