International study equips students with 21st century skills needed to compete on global stage

October 11, 2016
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Students share impact of global study in new video resource

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Too few Canadian students pursue a study-abroad experience, but those who do are reaping significant benefits. Today, Universities Canada launched a series of short videos of university students sharing the impact of international study on their personal and professional lives. presents student testimonials about their time studying and researching abroad, as well as statistics and articles related to student mobility.

Only 3.1 per cent of Canadian undergraduates take part in a study-abroad experience each year, despite growing demand from employers for international skills and awareness in new hires. For Canada to continue making its mark as a leader on the world stage, we need globally connected citizens. Study-abroad experiences open borders and minds by enhancing young Canadians’ understanding of global challenges, and teaching the skills needed to address them. Risk-taking, flexibility, adaptability and leadership are just a few of the skills and aptitudes gained through a study-abroad experience.

A 2014 survey of small and medium-sized employers by Leger Marketing for Universities Canada found that two out of three employers in Canada say the country is in danger of being left behind by fast-growing countries such as China, India and Brazil unless young Canadians learn to think more globally. The same survey revealed that more than 80 per cent of employers that hire recruits with international and intercultural experiences say these employees enhance their company’s competitiveness.

“Students who gain global study experiences are changed. They have a new way of looking at the world; they’re able to see issues from other perspectives,” says Paul Davidson, president of Universities Canada. “These students feel better prepared to thrive and compete in today’s global economy. And that’s what Canada needs in our next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders.”


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