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University of Victoria | Intelligence artificielle

Principales installations

Secure Analytics Lab – 50+ closed machines in a network-isolated cybersecurity facility, including secure storage and a large memory data analytics server. Supports large-scale proprietary and private industry-collaborative machine learning activities.

Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems Lab – To study methods and techniques in adaptive systems, networked control and cognitive computing to develop intelligent context-aware and situation-aware system

Enterprise Data Centre (EDC2)EDC2 hosts high-performance computing systems and mass storage systems for university researchers as well as tother publicly funded agencies, including the Compute Canada ARBUTUS computing.

Grands projets

Ocean Networks Canada, IBM and other partners have collaborated on a series of 3 CRD grants ($1 million) for predictive modelling of waves, tsunamis and ocean noises.

Triumph Electrical Consulting Engineering: Collaboration project developed an automated system for generating electrical plans by analyzing images of architectural floor plans using computer vision methods.

Fortinet: Collaboration project dwells on the development of autonomous indoor localization and map generation using machine learning approach.


  • Yvonne Coady – The Coady Lab develops virtual reality-based spatial analytics, and builds scalable systems for earth observation and urban planning.
  • Issa Traore – The ISOT Lab focuses on developing new algorithms, processes, techniques, and tools to protect software applications, conventional computer networks, IoT (Internet of Things) networks, cloud computing networks, and mobile devices against security threats using machine learning and heuristics models.
  • Kui Wu – Research focuses on solving real-world problems by applying theories and techniques of network science, including graph theory, machine learning, statistical inference, and data mining.
  • Nikitas Dimopoulos – Research focuses on developing computational methods and eventually architectures for neural networks.

Programmes spéciaux et apprentissage intégré au travail

Cooperative education is a core component of the programs offered through the Faculty of Engineering.

Specialised Masters programs in Applied Data Science;High-Tech Entrepreneurship (Engineering); and Telecommunications & Information Security emphasis highly skilled, market ready graduates.

Research grants such as the Research grants such as the New Technologies for Canadian Observatories ($1.6 million CREATE grant ) have strong integrated student training components with required industry internships.


  • IBM
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Samsung
  • Fortinet
  • Digital Cavalier Technology Services
  • Seaspan
  • Ericsson
  • Plurilock

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