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University of Saskatchewan | Fabrication de pointe

Principales installations

Canadian Light Source (CLS) Synchrotron: Critical facility for R&D in advanced manufacturing, nanotechnology, health and new materials science. Canadian Isotope Innovations, a CLS subsidiary, uses powerful X-rays to produce isotopes, unlike traditional nuclear reactor-based methods.

International Vaccine Centre: A global leader in infectious disease research and vaccine development to prevent and control human and animal infectious disease threats.

Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences: Produces isotopes and develops new radiopharmaceuticals for medical imaging.

Grands projets

Quantum Materials Spectroscopy Centre: Enables Canada to play a leading role in both furthering the quantum theory of solids and developing technological advances in fields as diverse as electronics, telecommunications, computer science and biomedicine.

Anti-EGFR Molecular Targeted Imaging Probes for Diagnosing and Monitoring Glioblastoma: Develops new imaging probes to better visualize and detect tumours in the brain. The probes help doctors diagnose glioblastomas and guide surgical removal—leading to better patient outcomes.

Advanced Synthesis and Characterization of DLC-based Nanocomposite Coatings for Biomedical Applications: Develops large-scale production techniques to obtain adherent diamond-like carbon (DLC)-based nanocomposite coatings on biomedical implants.


  • Dr. John Tse, Centennial Enhancement Chair. Focuses on using synchrotron radiation combined with supercomputer modelling to examine the structural stability of materials.
  • Dr. Alexander Moewes, CRC in Materials Science using Synchrotron Radiation. Focuses on the study of atomic, chemical and electronic structure of advanced materials.
  • Dr. Qiaoqin Yang, Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Focuses on synthesis and correlation between structures and properties on various kinds of advanced materials and hard coatings, including diamond, diamond-like carbon and nanocomposite.
  • Dr. Clarence (Ron) Geyer, Professor of Pathology. Focuses on harnessing the potential of antibodies to fight brain cancer by developing new imaging probes to better visualize and detect tumours in the brain.

Programmes spéciaux et apprentissage intégré au travail

  • Engineering Professional Internship Program: Connects quality students, faculty, and employers through an established network of engineering professionals by offering 8 to 16 months of paid full time work in industry.
  • College of Engineering and CLS Tours for Northern Students: Provides students from La Loche Community School with information about careers in engineering and raises their interest for post-secondary studies.
  • Innovation Enterprise’s AIMday™: Brings together industry and academia to discuss and partner on research challenges identified by industry participants. Webpage:


  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Canarie
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Intlvac Canada Inc.
  • Plasmionique Inc.
  • Rockwell Collins
  • SaskPower

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