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University of Alberta | Technologies numériques

Principales installations

  • eHub: helps students, staff, faculty & postgrads explore entrepreneurship and provide expertise/resources to accelerate ideas, initiatives, projects and ventures.
  • TEC Edmonton: joint venture between UAlberta & Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (City of Edmonton). Ranked 3rd best university linked incubator in world 2018 by UBI Global. When TEC launched in 2006, no other North American business accelerator merged university IP with civic/university-based services for entrepreneurs.
  • Viz Room: Canada’s second virtual reality room. Supports variety of research including virtual prototyping, music visualization and realtime graphics.
  • Sensory Motor Adaptive Rehabilitation Technology Network: $8M facility, supporting 90 researchers in diverse fields (medicine, rehabilitation, computing science and engineering) to develop smart devices.
  • Smart Condo™: simulates home visits enabling healthcare professionals to increase understanding of aging in place, assisted living devices & intelligent homes.
  • Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Environment: only clinical virtual-reality (VR) simulator of its kind in Western Canada. Enables researchers to better understand amputees’ needs and devise new therapy approaches.

Grands projets

  • Financial services, banking innovation: Borealis AI (RBC), Servus Credit Union collaboration, Alberta Treasury Board (EMBARGOED until end March).
  • General Motors: testing connected vehicle & autonomous vehicle technology.
  • Orlando Project: integrates text & technology to create and enhance digital tools to harness the power of computers for literary and historical research.

Innovations or spin-offs

  • eHub start ups: CAHO, Keeya, vrCAVE, hear, Chauffeur, Squire, FitSet, Walkie, My eCare, Angelfish Sound, Trioova, Unumbria, Services on the Go, Preza Technologies, Tablespace.
  • Spin offs: DriveABLE assessment Centres,   Darkhorse Analytics, Avra Software Lab Inc., PFM Scheduling, Onlea, Chinook Multimedia


  • Health/smart devices: biomedical & smart devices, wireless food safety devices, diagnostics, augmented reality, smart blood pressure cuff, smart condo, biomedical informatics, virtual & augmented reality (VR/AR), robotics. Researchers include: Dale Schuurmans, Eleni Stroulia, Osmar Zaïane, Yutaka Yasui, Pierre Boulanger, Dominic Sauvageau, Raj Padwal, Peter Wood, Jennifer Ringrose, Ian Watts, Michael Fiest, Patrick Pialarski, Russ Greiner, Guohui Lin, David Wishart, Jacqueline Hebert.
  • Data, deep learning, data & web mining, natural language processing, privacy, remote sensing: Randy Goebel, Dale Schuurmans, Osmar Zaiane, Vadim Bulitko, Greg Kondrak, Denilson Barbosa, Or Sheffet, Mario Nascimento, Davood Rafiei, Joerg Sander, David Wishart, Li-Yan Yuan, Arturo Sánchez-Azofeifa.
  • Computer/web/digital tech: computer science, graphics, online visualization, distributed bandwidth monitoring, ICT, 3D imaging, hardware/software R&D, networks, computer vision, signal/ image processing, encryption, security. Researchers include: Ehab Elmallah, Janelle Harms, Mike MacGregor, Pedram Mousavi , Anup Basu, Irene Cheng, Dana Cobzas, Martin Jagersand, Nilanjan Ray, Csaba Szepesvari, Herb Yang, Osmar Zaiane, Pierre Boulanger.
  • Games & VR/AR: game theory, humanities computing, graphics, image processing, 3D design, software development, AR/VR, virtual prototyping, music visualization, system design, motion data. Researchers include: Ryan Hayward, Martin Müller, Jonathan Schaeffer, Michael Buro, Robert Holte, Duane Szafron, Vadim Bulitko, Michael Bowling, Pierre Boulanger, Steven Eliuk, Osmar Zaïane, Ian Watts, Michael Feist, Robyn Taylor, Ehab Elmallah, Eleni Stroulia, Geoffery Rockwell.
  • Humanities computing: digital mapping, gaming, text/data mining, visualization and text analysis, physical computing, sound design, and interactive interface design. Researchers include: Mark Johnson, Geoffery Rockwell, Patricia Clements, Isobel Grundy, Susan Brown.
  • Smart devices: Smart condo, connected vehicle technology, smart infrastructure, smart wireless sensors & antennas. Researchers include: Eleni Stroulia, Tony Qiu, Pedram Mousavi, Walied Moussa, Mohammed Al-Hussein, Vivian Mushahwar, Anastasia Elias, Dominic Sauvageau.


  • RBC
  • IBM
  • GM
  • Google
  • Google Brain
  • Twitter
  • IBM
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Cisco
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • Servus Credit Union
  • Microsoft Research
  • Advanced IO Systems
  • Autodesk
  • Yotta Yotta
  • BigBangwidth
  • BioWare
  • Onware CelCorp
  • HP Electronic Arts
  • FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions
  • Silicon Graphics
  • Sun Microsystems
  • VX Technologies
  • Avra Software Lab

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