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McMaster University | Technologies numériques

Principales installations

Computing Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC): This facility collaborates with industry to develop market-focused and needs-driven solutions to maximize the use of computing infrastructure resources.

MacDATA: MacDATA was created to identify synergies and foster collaboration among internal and external partners whose work involves the many facets of data.

McMaster Centre for Software Certification: McSCert develops tools and methods to create certifiably safe, secure and dependable software for mission-critical systems where failure has devastating physical, financial or political consequences.

Grands projets

Data Centre Technology Optimizations: Design, Operation, Cooling, and Distribution

Projects led by Dr. Ishwar Puri, Dr. Rong Zheng, and Dr. Douglas Down to address the current and future needs of energy and infrastructure efficiency in the face of ever increasing data centre demands. These projects have a combined funding of $5.8M.

Vehicle Safety Assurance at GM using Model Management

McMaster researchers Dr. Lawford, Dr. Maibaum, Dr. Wassyng are developing vehicle-model management processes and tools to analyze the safety impact of design changes to the digital systems. This will ensure safety while integrating with global product development and manufacturing operations.


Dr. Ishwar Puri, Dean of Engineering, Professor, Mechanical Engineering. Research focuses on thermal fluid science, nanoscale heat transfer, magnetic fluids and nanoparticles, and sensors for data center applications.

Dr. Mark Lawford, Professor, Department of Computing and Software. Research interests include discrete event systems, software certification and formal methods for real-time systems.

Dr. Rong Zheng, Associate Chair of Graduate Study and Research, Department of Computing and Software. Research interests include Cyber Physical Systems, mobile computing and networked systems.

Dr. Paul McNicholas, Canada Research Chair, Computational Statistics, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics. Researches computational statistics methods that will allow users to make sense of massive data sets with measurements of different types, while simplifying and facilitating data analytics.

Programmes spéciaux et apprentissage intégré au travail

  • McMaster Co-Op – McMaster offers students and employers 4, 8, 12 and 16 months co-op placement opportunities. Each year McMaster has 200 students placed from the following programs: Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, and Bachelors of Technology.


  • IBM
  • Cinnos
  • General Motors Canada

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