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McMaster University | Technologies propres

Principales installations

Research Facility for Integrated Building Energy Harvesting Systems (ReFIBES): is the only test facility of its kind in North America for research in integrated energy systems for community and urban use, such as sustainable energy management, harvesting and storage.

Biointerfaces Institute (BI): implements high-throughput preparation and analytical pipelines to investigate the nature of the biological/material interface, or biointerface, for applications including environmental biosensors and sustainable biomaterials.

Grands projets

Integrated Community Energy and Harvesting Systems (ICE-Harvest): Led by Dr. James Cotton, this Ontario TargetGHG project will work on modelling and analysis of the potential for thermal energy storage from power plants during peak demand to reduce waste and the need for natural gas for space heating.

Advanced Electrified Vehicle Motor Control Technologies: Led by Dr. Ali Emadi, this TargetGHG project will test novel electric and hybrid vehicle motors to improve performance and efficiency.

Carbon Free Innovation Network (CaFIN): Dr. Ishwar Puri is the Canadian founding member of CaFIN, part of the Global Engineering Deans Council committed to the development of carbon neutral solutions to drive disruptive innovations that will improve the overall well-being of humanity.


Dr. James Cotton, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering Research focuses on thermal-fluid mechanics for efficient energy conversion, utilization and management in sustainable energy systems.

Dr. Jamal Deen, Canada Research Chair in Information Technology Research focuses on developing micro-, nano- and opto-electronic devices for environmental sensing.

Dr. Gillian Goward, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Research focuses on electrochemical materials as power sources, such as fuel cells and batteries.

Dr. Younggy Kim, Canada Research Chair in Water and Health Research focuses on developing new sustainable water and wastewater treatment technologies.

Programmes spéciaux et apprentissage intégré au travail

Gerald Hatch Centre for Engineering Experiential Learning: Provides students the facilities for hands-on learning opportunities beyond the traditional lecture-style format with labs, design studios, and shared work/build spaces for student-focused experiential learning initiatives.

W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology (MEEI & MTEI Programs): Provides graduate programs geared towards Engineering or Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation to help bring students’ ideas to market.


  • General Motors of Canada Ltd.
  • SUEZ Ltd.
  • GeoSource Energy Inc.
  • GridSmartCity® Cooperative
  • Siemens Canada Ltd.
  • S2E Technologies Inc.
  • BorgWarner Waterloo Inc.
  • Petro-Canada

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