Foreword by David Johnston and Paul Davidson

This past year has challenged the world to harness the power of research to advance solutions during a time of great uncertainty. Researchers everywhere have had to ask how to build upon and leverage our assets to get through something as destructive to our physical, mental and economic wellbeing as the COVID-19 virus.

In Canada’s research community, the response to the pandemic has been outstanding and filled with innovation.

The researchers highlighted in this publication have demonstrated collaboration, perseverance and dedication during these challenging times that has provided the world with research that not only advances science globally, but also improves our quality of life and helps drive economic growth in Canada. The contributions of top researchers – the discoveries they make, the teams they assemble, the spin-offs they enable – will help Canada emerge even stronger after COVID-19.

In the coming months and years, we must not lose sight of the value of our research enterprise to building a better Canada and working across borders. We encourage all researchers and innovators to share their story more loudly; It’s important for Canadians to learn about your work and share in your success.

Our next generation of researchers and innovators need the inspiration from our international award winners to see the value of careers in research and discovery. At our universities, research-enriched learning helps make this happen, while also equipping all students for rewarding careers in the rapidly changing world of work.

Today’s outstanding researchers give them incredible examples to follow.
Congratulations to the award winners on their innovative research and their continued success.

The Right Honourable David Johnston 28th Governor General of Canada and Chair, Rideau Hall Foundation

Paul Davidson, President, Universities Canada

Universities Canada